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Graub√ľnden Mountain Hunt

The Capauliana pictures are historical images of Graub√ľnden, owned by the Fundaziun Capauliana. Until now, these pictures have not been accessible to the public. Until 2020, when an enthusiastic group of three discovered these images at the 6th Swiss Open Cultural Data Hackathon. We wanted to find a creative way how the public could interact with these images.

What would be better than to develop a game? Make yourself ready for this challenge: Pick a historical picture you like, try to find it on your hike, and take a picture of how the landscape looks nowadays. Then you can upload your picture on our website, where other users can compare and comment on the different modern pictures.

We are very grateful to the Fundaziun Capauliana that they allowed us to use their pictures.

About us

Philipp Neth is a problem-solver, programer and designer.
Contact: philipp.neth@stud.fhgr.ch
Johannes Nussbaum is a Graduate student in History and Digital Humanities at the University of Basel.
Dina Lukmanova is an artist, digital nomad and a customer experience manager.